8 hours to forget them!

An easy and effective way to change things forever!


Do you happen to say things like “I’m late”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I would need a 48-hours-day”?
Have you ever been overwhelmed by anxiety, stress and fear, to the point that you feel paralyzed, unable to react?
Have you ever felt frustrated for not having done the things you intended or planned to do?

If the answer is YES, join this live meeting where I will talk about an easy and effective method to change things forever!

The goals you will reach thanks to this course include:

You will learn to focus on yourself, to listen to yourself and to live the present thanks to breathing exercises

You will understand the difference between the doing mode (searching for a solution to an existing problem) and the being mode (emotions to live as emotions not as problems)

You will have more clarity on your dreams, goals, on the things that really matter in your life and you will be able to understand how to reach them

The contents of this 8-weeks online course will include:

Take the gear of the automatic pilot

Feeling vs thinking a sensation

Small, simple movements to explore our limits

Negative spiraling thoughts: let them overwhelm you or let them go?

Crucial practice to face difficulties

A new point of view on our “failures” or “not being enough”

Link between habits, daily actions, behaviors and mood

Apply Mindfulness practices to our daily life

This offer expires November, 4th 2018

Standard price € 300
special price until 11/04/18 € 120

My personal gift for you:

If you join within the 2nd of October, you’ll get the following free bonus: these three bonuses alone make almost the cost of this course!


Bonus #1

Practices: every week you will be able to download the exercise I explain during the course, so you will be able to practice this method in your everyday life.


Bonus #2

Slideshow: I summed up each lesson’s content in a downloadable slideshow; this is an easy way to have a quick look at the concepts, whenever you need it.


Bonus #3

Lifelong access to this course: many courses are available only for a limited time, but I believe you have the right to replay the videos and listen to them whenever you most need it, so I guarantee this course will be available to you forever.

Happy clients

"Thanks to Mindfulness, I completely changed my life. I feel I reach many of my goals. I learned to see things differently, discovering the positive aspect in each situation, behavior and emotion. I learned (and am still learning) to be patient with myself and to listen to myself. I learned (and am still learning) to observe things."


"This course helped me understand how to live a more fulfilled and postive life. I'm taking huge steps forward, I am more patient with my rebel and fearful side. I discovered how to love myself and I observe the world from a different perspective. In a word… now I feel whole."


This offer expires November, 4th 2018

Standard price € 300
special price until 11/04/18 € 120

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