Regain control on your emotions

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is often defined as a meditative practice; in other words, it consists of (non-physical) meditative and breathing exercises aimed at activating our awareness. Starting from the focus on our breath, it helps us be in the present moment and become aware of toxic routines; once there, we will be ready to learn how to manage our emotions instead of being overwhelmed by them, thus being able to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Mindfulness for everybody

Many of us have tried to face “negative” emotions (feelings we don’t like) trying to fight, hide or forget about them – but in most cases, it hasn’t worked. To be able to face these emotions, we need to change our strategy: they don’t have to be considered problems, but simply emotions.

In other words, we need a different approach, a new perspective on these emotions, that allows us to observe them and face them for what they are – just emotions. Mindfulness is the perfect method for this: it is based on breathing and it allows us to own our “here and now”, to be aware of our lives and understand its mechanisms.

This practice isn’t aimed at cancelling unwanted emotions: awareness and focus on ourselves help us deal with life in a different way – being able to eventually manage them.

This is also true for kids: exercises will be different, of course, there will be more play, but kids deserve to know (and learn) how to recognize emotions and how to manage them without being overwhelmed by them.

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