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There are moments in our lives when we feel lost, disconnected, unable to walk on the path we wish to.

Meditation is one of the methods that can be used to get in contact with what I call “THE TRUE (YOUR)SELF”.

The specific type of meditation I facilitate is “Visualization”: starting from a visual input I suggest, participants will let their True Self bring them where it wants, and bring up the most meaningful pictures for their journey into life. 

This is a path of personal discovery that, as participant can tell you, every week reveals something new about us and offers a new “piece of the puzzle” to understand our true nature. Week after week, we will develop a close relationship with our True Self, that part of us that has all the answers, that has no fear or anxiety, that can help us see our strong, brave, determined, gorgeous side! 

During each weekly meeting, we will face a specific theme (it changes monthly), meditating on it and sharing our meditation experience.

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Free trial session


each Tuesday, at 08.30pm


€ 25,00/month

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