START: January 8, 2020, 12pm (CET)
Start the New Year with the method that will lead you to know and express your Best Self, thus making your dreams and goals come true!



Do you ever find yourself, year after year, expressing the same resolutions (and nothing happens)? What’s wrong with New Year’s resolutions? Want to know why I think that new year’s resolutions are bulls..t?

Because you start from the wrong place.

Think about the word resolution – it comes from SOLUTION. Indeed, new year’s resolutions are things you want because you don’t feel happy where you are. To be happy, fulfilled, healthy, to make your dreams come true you have to SOLVE some PROBLEMS in your life. Again, bulls..t.

What really counts is who you are and what is your dream. Nothing else matters.

You know, many people have heard me talking about my story: I had a business by my own but as soon as things didn’t go well, I closed it down, but I also closed down with my life. I was always nervous, crying, angry with the world… and I, too, have made New Year’s resolutions – please God, stop all this. Of course, nothing happened.

It was only when I got to know my true self and accepted those part of me I didn’t like, could I understand that I needed to focus on my goals, not on problem-solving. I discovered all this through MEDITATION: it was the one and only METHOD that got me in contact with my true self, in a space where there was no fear, no judgment, no anxiety. Just the best version of myself, the confidence that all will evolve for my best, the courage to be me exactly as I am. I don’t know if I can express this feeling in words, but what I got was knowing that

I can always be the best version of me.

This is a privilege offered to all, but not everyone is ready to take advantage of it.

If you are here, it means you’re among the people who are ready, those who are really committed to be the best version of themselves, who want to thrive instead of just survive.

My goal here and in my life is to share with you what I learned on my path of personal growth, because I know that it works much much better than anything else. So, let me be your guide in this “4-steps-to-greatness” meditation group, it will be a honor for me to take you on a journey of personal mastery where you will discover how easy it is to reach your goals – you just have to connect with your true self and live your life in tune with it. Everything else will unravel as a consequence.

If you have no experience with meditation, or with visualization which is my main method to meditate, you may have DOUBTS: why shouldn’t you? Why should you believe me? It’s fair, I was doubtful too at the beginning. This is the reason why I want you to try first. You have to believe this works for you, so why not trying?

I’m offering you a month for free – I mean, four meditation sessions for free, a whole month of tools for your personal growth at NO CHARGE!

So, let’s start the New Year without stupid, empty resolutions but with a whole set of tools that will help you take the first steps toward your true goals and dreams!!!

If you want to take advantage of this meditation experience for free, just sign in below and you will be added to a special, closed facebook group where we will meditate, share our experience and where I will answer to your questions and share daily advice to get on at best with this experience. Our first meditation will take place on the 8th of January 2020 at midday (Central European Time)

I’m really thrilled to make you thrive!!!



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What you will get (FOR FREE)

Join us in this incredible experience that will change your life forever!
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Every week, we will meditate together on a specific topic – I will be live but the recording will be available.




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About ME

Sharing what I learned to help you make your dreams come true!

I am a Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher and am the founder of “UAU! Coaching”. 

I have a Bachelor in Political Sciences; I searched for my way for years, studying many different subjects and having various work experiences (graphic design and sales office to name a few). At a certain point in my life, I decided to start my own business but after 5 years I had to close it down; this experience has left deep scars in me, I felt this failure as a personal defeat and I was ashamed to see friends and relatives for fear of judgement. “If it happened once, it will happen again” was my mantra at that time. I reached a point where even my love relationship and my family were at risk, and when I realized it, I decided I had to do something with all this pain and frustration. It was then that I started a path of personal growth, being more conscious about myself, my fears and how fear can be overcome.

I eventually docked in coaching’s harbor with a strong awareness: what I do, what I love doing, is sharing what I learned to help people use their full potential, achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

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In every meditation session comes out a part of myself that I didn’t know was there, and little by little I was able to complete the puzzle and get to know myself and my dreams better. Flavia is an intuitive and delicate guide that helps me understand the meaning of what comes out, so that I can use my full potential to reach my goals.

Meditating with Flavia helped me become a different and better person, or maybe I should say that the real me came out… It has been (and still is) essential in my life to discover my potential, to connect to my true self when I need it the most and to understand and react in an healthier way (for me and for others) to the things that happen in my life. I warmly suggest this experience to those who want to discover the best part of themselves and be happier every day.

I knew Flavia thanks to her Mindfulness courses and it helped me manage stress and anxiety. I enjoyed the Mindfulness meditations so I decided to join her meditation group and it is helping me calm down fear and negative thoughts (that are the cause of bad reactions) – I eventually am able to see things from a different point of view! I find Meditation is a great experience where people get to love themselves more than ever and I suggest it to those who want to walk on a path of personal growth and mastery. 

There comes a time in our lives when we feel the need to stop and feel. Feel more of the inside world to feel more of the outside one.
Meditating is living emotions, understanding yourself, accept your mistakes and imperfections, see that what happens is always for your good. Flavia is taking me into a journey made of incredible explorations and discoveries. 



med eng free




med eng free