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    What is the difference between a Coach, a Counselor and a Psychologist?

    A Coach is a person who helps you reach your goals by improving and developing your own potential; a Coach offers you positive, long-term tools that will motivate you and move you towards your goals and dreams; and a Coach is a person who asks and listens first, to help you observe yourself and work to create the best version of you.
    A Counselor listens to your problems, helps you understand how you got there and offers his/her support through listening.
    A psychologist helps you discover the reasons for the pain you may feel by exploring the causes (in the present or in the past). He/She helps you solve the problem.

    How many kind of Coaching are there?

    Life Coaching sessions can be
    – ONE-ON-ONE: these sessions are held with a single person or a family group – single sessions or package sessions with follow-up calls; sessions can be live or online.
    – GROUP: in the group sessions, participants (max 5) discuss about predetermined topics. In this case normally there will be an agreed number of sessions with follow-up calls; sessions can be live or online.
    – SEMINARS: these are meeting with a predetermined topic where ample room is given to participants’ questions and discussion. These meetings can be live or webinars (online).

    Can Coaching 1on1 be done online?

    Yes, coaching sessions can be held online as well as live.

    Do you offer courses?

    I regularly organize courses on coaching and mindfulness topics. Subscribe to my newsletter or visit the “courses” page to get updates on my courses.

    Is there a Code of Ethics for Coaching?

    There isn’t a standardized Code of Ethics in coaching, but if you want to read mine, click here.

    Online Coaching Resources


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