Life Coaching

For you, your life, your relationships, your goals

Feel like it’s time for a change in your life, but don’t know how to make it or where to start?

This is a work you do on yourself with the help of a professional Coach (like me) who will guide you on this path: thanks to my support, you’ll discover your own strengths, the self-imposed obstacles, your limiting beliefs; let me help you reach your goals and live a happy, whole and fulfilling life!

What is Life Coaching?

Discover your own potential

Life Coaching is about discovering your true potential, allowing you to make your dreams come true and live a fulfilling life.

Set and reach your goals

Life Coaching helps you set and reach your own goals, be they personal or professional ones.

Live a whole and fulfilling life unleashing all your potential

Gradually, you will be able to use all your potential and skills for personal and professional goals. This work will also help you develop clarity and believe in yourself. We will create a new perspective on your goals and dreams (personal and/or professional): this will help you focus on your goals and have fun while you do it!

My approach

My personal approach goes under the name THE SUITCASE©️ and it represents the most efficient way to create a new perspective and thus reach your goals and make your dreams come true!

Why this name, THE SUITCASE©️? Because everyone of us, when leaving for a journey, packs his/her suitcase in his/her own way; you may bring a lot of things or few things with you, many clothes or shoes you will never wear or just the needed ones, you may leave empty space to be filled with souvenirs of the place you visited…

My goal is to help you pack the best possible suitcase for YOUR journey: starting from who you are and where you are, we will work on the things you’d better take with you or leave behind, on the way you pack THE SUITCASE©️ so that there will be enough room for the things/tools needed to reach your goals and make your dreams come true!


How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you felt the deep need for a change? In your relationships (family, love, friends), in your attitude, in your job – these are just some examples of the fields where a coach could help you achieve your goals and live a happy and fulfilled life.

What is the difference between a Coach, a Counselor and a Psychologist?

A Coach is a person who helps you reach your goals by improving and developing your own potential; a Coach offers you positive, long-term tools that will motivate you and move you towards your goals and dreams; and a Coach is a person who asks and listens first, to help you observe yourself and work to create the best version of you.

A Counselor listens to your problems, helps you understand how you got there and offers his/her support through listening.

A Psychologist helps you discover the reasons for the pain you may feel by exploring the causes (in the present or in the past). He/She helps you solve the problem.

How many kinds of Coaching are there?

Life Coaching sessions can be

  • ONE-ON-ONE:  these sessions are held with a single person or a family group – single sessions or package sessions with follow-up calls; sessions can be live or online.
  • GROUP: in the group sessions, participants (max 5) discuss about predetermined topics. In this case normally there will be an agreed number of sessions with follow-up calls; sessions can be live or online.
  • SEMINARS: these are meeting with a predetermined topic where ample room is given to participants’ questions and discussion. These meetings can be live or webinars (online).
How does a Life Coaching session work?

During a 1on1 Coaching session, the Coach asks questions and listens carefully: this is crucial to help the Coachee discover their own path. Listening is essential, too, together with all the tools the Coach offers to the Coaches so that he/she can reach their goals easier and faster.

How long is a Coaching session?

A coaching session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

Is there a Code of Ethics for Coaching?

There isn’t a standardized Code of Ethics in Coaching, but if you want to read mine, click here.

How can I help you?

If you have feedback or suggestions or if you need more info on homeschooling, coaching, mindfulness and meditation, don’t hesitate to contact me, filling in the form below. I will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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