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Hi, I’m Flavia Vincenzi. What I do, what I LOVE doing, is sharing with people what I learned, so that I can help them improve their potential and reach their goals easier and faster.

My Story

I am the founder of “UAU! Coaching”.  I have a Bachelor in Political Sciences; I searched for my way for years, studying many different subjects and having various work experiences (graphic design and sales office to name a few). At a certain point in my life, I decided to start my own business but after 5 years I had to close it down; this experience has left deep scars in me, I felt this failure as a personal defeat and I was ashamed to see friends and relatives for fear of judgement. “If it happened once, it will happen again” was my mantra at that time. I reached a point where even my love relationship and my family were at risk, and when I realized it, I decided I had to do something with all this pain and frustration. It was then that I started a path of personal growth, being more conscious about myself, my fears and how fear can be overcome.

I eventually docked in coaching’s harbor with a strong awareness: what I do, what I love doing, is sharing what I learned to help people use their full potential, achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

My Values & Beliefs

Clarity first and foremost

Frenzy, fear, sometimes also society prevent us from being clear about our goals, even though this is an essential starting point to get there.

Life is a matter of priority

This is one of my favorite motto. We often say “I don’t have time” but the real meaning is “this is not my priority” because for the things that matter to us we always find the time.

Put pros and cons on the scales and see to which side the balance sways

All our decisions have pros and cons. We have to be aware of them, weight them and decide wether it is worth or not – in other words, if the final outcome is overall positive we can accept small negative side effects.

Don't give up

…and I didn’t say “don’t EVER give up”. Sometimes giving up is ok, but when you know deep inside that the thing you believe in is the right thing for you, don’t give up. Don’t surrender. Be patient. Believe in yourself.

My Approach

THE SUITCASE©️ represents the most efficient way to create a new perspective and thus reach your goals and make your dreams come true!

Why this name, THE SUITCASE©️? Because everyone of us, when leaving for a journey, packs his/her suitcase in his/her own way; you may bring a lot of things or few things with you, many clothes or shoes you will never wear or just the needed ones, you may leave empty space to be filled with souvenirs of the place you visited…

My goal is to help you pack the best possible suitcase for YOUR journey: starting from who you are and where you are, we will work on the things you’d better take with you or leave behind, on the way you pack THE SUITCASE©️ so that there will be enough room for the things/tools needed to reach your goals and make your dreams come true!

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