Flavia Vincenzi

Life Coach
Facilitator in Mindfulness and Meditation
Homeschooling expert


I will help you and your children to express all your potential!

My life path, disseminated with some success and a lot of failures, brought me to practice my profession in a holistic way, to help you reach your goals and make your dreams come true.

Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation are all tools that I use daily; altogether, they represent a multi-faceted and successful approach.

As I grew more experienced with adults, I started thinking about kids, asking myself some questions: why do we start to understand who we are only as we grow adults? Why do we have to struggle to change bad habits as adults when we can learn good habits as kids?

This is how the homeschooling “EduCare” project has born (in cooperation with Terra Mater Association). It represents a new approach to education: caring for children in a holistic way and giving them the best tools to learn, be creative and believe in their dreams.


  •  Clarity first and foremost

Frenzy, fear, sometimes also society prevent us from being clear about our goals, even though this is an essential starting point to get there.

  • Life is a matter of priority

This is one of my favorite motto. We often say “I don’t have time” but the real meaning is “this is not my priority” because for the things that matter to us we always find the time.

  • Put pros and cons on the scales and see to which side the balance sways

All our decisions have pros and cons. We have to be aware of them, weight them and decide wether it is worth or not – in other words, if the final outcome is overall positive we can accept small negative side effects.

  • Don’t give up

…and I didn’t say “don’t EVER give up”. Sometimes giving up is ok, but when you know deep inside that the thing you believe in is the right thing for you, don’t give up. Don’t surrender. Be patient. Believe in yourself.

  • We learn from our mistakes

It is essential that kids learn the importance of making mistakes, because it’s better to try and fail than to give up without trying.

How can I help you?

If you have feedback or suggestions or if you need more info on homeschooling, coaching, mindfulness and meditation, don’t hesitate to contact me, filling in the form below. I will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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