According to a post in Mindshift, a lawsuit is challenging the University of California system’s use of the SAT or ACT as a requirement for admission. A draft argues that the tests are deeply biased and provide no meaningful information about a student’s ability to succeed.

The test consists of different parts (critical reading, writing, mathematics) that evaluate the mere scholastic records, and this is considered to be a bias exacerbating inequities in the public school system and keeping out deserving students every year.

The topic is hot: on one side, there are those who invest a lot of money in their education; on the other side, there are those who dispose of less resources but have the commitment and determination to succeed.

Some universities are evaluating to turn to test-optional admission tests, but the question is: what could be an efficient method to admit students?

It seems like the whole world is realizing how deficient a mark can be to assess students, and how marks can wrongly define promising, committed and willing students.