Yesterday I watched a video by Pierce Brosnan, the famous actor and 007, speaking at a graduation ceremony.

In this video, he talked about his not really comfortable youth and he stressed two main aspects of his life: friendship and goals.

“On my own I learned to survive, but through friendship, I learned to thrive”, he said. Indeed, friendship is one of the best gifts life can offer us.

Nowadays, friendship – true friendship – is somewhat disappearing, or it is getting a more superficial concept. Just think about friendship on facebook: what does it mean to give friendship or receive a request of friendship? It just means you have another name in your contact list, but it may well be that you don’t even know them or that you’ve never met them.

True friendship is something else: if I think about a friend, I get emotional because I love her; I know that our relationship is special and unique; I know she would never betray me and she will always back me, and so would I; I know she would tell me right in front of my face if there’s something wrong, we may argue but just for the sake of understanding each other better; I know she will be the one I will lean on if I need help, and I would be more than happy to help her; I know I can be vulnerable with her, and viceversa.

Don’t misunderstand me, this is not rhetoric.
True friendship is a goal to pursue to be happy in life.
If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, if you’re in a bad situation, just try having a single goal in mind: true friendship. Make friends with someone, take care of this person as you would with a newborn flower, help friendship to thrive and grow magnificent: I assure you that this will change your life and life will appear to you with the colors and beauty it may once have had.