Some days ago I read a post in MindShift about arts integrated with other subjects in school. There is a school in Vermont (USA) where all is based upon arts: they learn geometry through Kandinsky’s paintings (calculating angles and areas of the painted shapes), students are pushed to draw pictures of the music they listen to (songs or symphonies), etc.

I have always believed that art is a fabulous tool, able to touch everybody’s hearts and minds. But it’s just after I started collaborating with Maria Marzullo (PhD art expert) that I realized how arts could be an awesome mean to help students and adults recognize their emotions and give a shape to something that it is sometimes difficult to express in words.

Since our first projects together, we realized how this arts-emotions combination works perfect, so we decided to go ahead on this path – we created ARTEMOTICA, which is Mindfulness explained and practiced through arts, and many other projects for kids, teenagers and adults in workplaces whose main feature is to unite and integrate people and to improve communication, relationship, leadership skills.

If you think that arts should have a marginal role in your life and in your children lives, I think you are missing a precious chance to look inside yourself and others and express (or let express) emotions in the healthiest and purest way possible.