She’s a woman; she gathers people from all over the world because she’s passionate; she overcame suffering and difficulties; she was able to create a positive movement around her “speciality”.
Guess who this woman is: Oprah Winfrey, Madonna or Greta Thunberg?

He’s a man; he started from scratch and now he has a status and responsibilities he hadn’t even dream of at the beginning of his career; he believes in human resources and he invests in people.
Guess who this man is: Pep Guardiola, Tony Robbins or Richard Branson?

Whatever answer you may give, you are right.

This is exactly the point: people so different from one another, in totally different fields have achieved the same results.
I asked myself what is the element that all these people have in common, the thing that allowed them to achieve almost identical results in such different fields.

The answer is: beliefs and energy.

You may have a lot of little money; you can start from scratch or not; you may be a screw manufacturer, a travel agent or an abused woman; you can be strong or weak, tall or small, young or old, man or woman.
None of these really makes the difference, but the ENERGY you employ and the BELIEFS you have do.

I know both powerful and weak, both vibrant and shy entrepreneurs. But the difference in the long term comes from the ENERGY you “deliver” and what you really BELIEVE about yourself and the world.
The common elements among all the above mentioned people are a strong, positive energy (if you have ever had the chance to listen LIVE to Madonna or Oprah, you know what I mean) and the belief that they can change the world, that they are unique and can do this.

Don’t tell me that a successful entrepreneur is just the one who makes the best investments, the one who is the most far-sighted, who knows all about marketing, who is an excellent seller…
Of course, these things are important, but remember that companies are made of men and women and they need positive ENERGY to prosper.

As I already said in the past, entrepreneurs are like mums and dads: if they are always in a bad mood, it doesn’t matter if they flood the company with money – ask a child or an employee about that, they will tell you the truth.