Usually, my Wednesday posts are dedicated to the news from the world, but today I won’t cite statistics, researches or other posts even though they are very interesting.

Today I’m going to talk about ENERGY, the power that makes the world go round.

Have you ever happened to get emotional at a concert, when all the audience sings the same song altogether? Have you ever watched a singer on TV that makes you cry or have goose bumps? And the same thing that you feel watching TV is happening to the audience, live…
Have you ever looked a person in the eyes and felt a strong emotion or energy, without even talking?

The word “EMOTION” is present in all these questions, and emotions are just another form of ENERGY.
We all feel it: when it’s positive, powerful, sweet but also when it’s negative and it overwhelms us like a tornado.

ENERGY ed EMOTIONS are the true engine of our world: we can talk about marketing strategies, certificates, know-how, culture… but nothing is as powerful as emotions and energy.

EMOTIONS scream louder than your voice and run faster than your words; this is the reason why we are instinctively able to recognize if someone’s words correspond (or not) to their EMOTIONS and ENERGY.

I believe EMOTIONS are the key, because they give us the needed ENERGY to reach our goals and make our dreams come true; in fact, when we are tired and stressed, we feel emotions that we don’t like to feel and that takes us nowhere. This is the reason why I try to take care of my EMOTIONS and my ENERGY as best as I can – because they are my temple of serenity, my chance to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.