According to an article published by the research journal Tourism Analysis, vacations can be a huge source of relaxation but also of stress. Let’s see – according to this study – which are the most stressful aspects of a trip and how to cope with them.

Participants (all american, traveling inside the USA and abroad) reported that the most stressful part of their trip was actually the trip planning stage: deciding where to go, how much to spend, what documents to prepare seem to be the most stressful aspects of traveling. In this case, scheduling time is essential, even if you bought a last-minute vacation: schedule a time during the day or week to talk and decide about each aspect of your trip can hugely help reduce stress.

During the trip, the most stressful aspects were coping with weather conditions, traffic jams/flight delays, and route finding. In this case, mindfulness and breathing can help: taking some moments to breath deeply will allow you to see the situation as less stressful and to be able to find the right solution – maybe there’s a touristic information office just around the corner…

Other factors that increased stress were traveling with a new spouse/companion or with your child for the first time: there’s no better way out from this stress than remembering you are on holiday! Take it easy, with the lightness that fits to a vacation.