We all live our realities in different ways, depending on our beliefs and principles – this is the reason we have such different opinions on things.

In these friday posts, “whose side are you on?” I will talk about hot topics upon which we all have an opinion. My mission is to make you think about it and see it from different angles… and if you want to tell me your truth, just write in the comments below!!

This week we will talk about a topic who is very hot among passionate readers: ebook reader or paper book?

The ebook reader has many pros: you can bring thousand of books with you everywhere; you can easily buy them from home; you can make notes and underlining which can be sent to your computer; ebooks cost less.

Paper books’ purists, however, point out that these are not pros: the scent of paper, the browsing of paper books, the collection on shelves… these are priceless things.
Some go even further, asking: what if the electronic standards change? What will happen to the “old” electronic books? A paper book, instead, is available forever.
Last but not least, some books – like illustration books, for example – are not suitable to the electronic format.

And you? Whose side are you on?