According to a dutch research published by Applied Research in Quality of Life, going on vacation can increase our happiness – not only during and after the trip but also before we begin the trip and it is approaching.
So far, these things are already known and indeed obvious.

What’s surprising about this study is that researchers found out that post-vacation happiness has a fixed duration: we feel relaxed and happy up until 2 weeks after our trip, then our “happiness rate” goes back to usual standards. And this data isn’t affected by the length of our vacation: whether we leave for a weekend or for a month, our “happiness decline pattern” will be exactly the same. Needless to say, the more vacations we enjoy, the more happiness we will feel.

This is a very important point because it has managerial, policy and individual implications: if our society (and by that I mean companies and schools) were organized to allow more short “breaks” during the year – in a word, to be more flexible -, everybody would take advantage of it, especially in terms of happiness.