The topic of students engagement in schools is very hot nowadays: this is the reason why some particularly creative teachers have found new, funny ways of discussing about difficult topics.

An example: Jennie Magera, who has been taught in Chicago’s public school for 10 years, have used the “OK GO” rock band videos for teaching maths.

This rock band is world known not just for their music but also for their elaborate videos. Some of them have to do with topics that can be discussed at school during art, science and maths lessons.

In a video, for example, the group performs a brilliant dance on treadmills: this has given the Chicago teacher the idea of using it to talk about speed, but others have been used to discuss about gravity, equations, perspective and the importance of failure to be successful.

Every band has its audience, but I wonder if this group has ever thought to be the preferred one among teachers…
(picture: YouTube/OKGo)