We all live our realities in different ways, depending on our beliefs and principles – this is the reason we have such different opinions on things.

In these friday posts, “whose side are you on?” I will talk about hot topics upon which we all have an opinion. My mission is to make you think about it and see it from different angles… and if you want to tell me your truth, just right in the comments below!!

This week we will talk about something that’s been debated throughout history: do my beliefs matter more than reality or viceversa?

In the last few years we saw more and more posts, videos, courses on how to believe in yourself, how to make your dreams come true and how to reach your goals; moreover, out there there are plenty of examples of people who made impossible things turn possible.

Those who believe aren’t only religious people: believing in yourself, believing that with the due commitment, everything is possible means changing your mindset and then reality around you will change. In fact, one of the main things these people believe is that your mindset and attitude can change your reality.

Then there are the “scientists”, those who start from the opposite side: they observe reality as it is and take their decisions based on what they see around them. According to this point of view, it’s impossible to ignore reality otherwise our choices would be utopic and wouldn’t get us nowhere.

And you? Whose side are you on?