We all live our realities in different ways, depending on our beliefs and principles – this is the reason we have such different opinions on things.

In these friday posts, “whose side are you on?” I will talk about hot topics upon which we all have an opinion. My mission is to make you think about it and see it from different angles… and if you want to tell me your truth, just right in the comments below!!

This week we will talk about two opposite ways to to lead our personal and/or professional lives.

When we have to solve a problem, be it personal or professional, two are the paths we can take: either we decide by ourselves or we consult someone else.

Professionally speaking, people who work at the top management level and have a huge know-how can decide by themselves which is the best solution to deploy.

Some other people will always consult their colleagues, evaluating their proposals and deciding then which is the best option.

The “dialogue path” is not always feasible: some professional work alone – lawyer, consultants, coaches… Some other have such a huge experience and work with such young and unexperienced teams that they feel “obliged” to decide by themselves.

Naysayers would argue that young teams have a huge advantage: they have a fresh look on “industry” and on “problems” which sometimes means they sometimes come up with revolutionary ideas that work better than the older ones. The pro-dialogue people will always ask “what would you do?” because they think that to get to a point there are many different roads we can take – and none knows which is the best until we try them all.

And you? Whose side are you on?