A few grains of sand are enough to break an engine; similarly, each of us can contribute to improve our world and to help the people around us. Here’s an example of great solidarity that will make this concept even clearer.

Who said that teenagers are all lazy, lonely and not interested in anything? Many, instead, know how it means to work in team, to have ideas and develop them to help less fortunate people. This happens for example at the Institute for Agricolture in Florence.

With their project called “Ortisti per caso” (something like “Farmer by chance”), students in this school grow and sell vegetables. What they earn will be used to cover the costs of school trips for those classmates who (for economic reasons) would not be able to take part in it.
Everyone of us has been a teenager and we know how bad it made us feel when we had to give up to something important to us, for example a school trip. But in this school they found a solution to this problem, applying thus to the real world what they learned in books.

If you want to know more, you will find the “ortisti per caso” on facebook! (picture: Facebook/ortisti per caso)