Clichè have become an important part of our lives and condition the way we live; while some of them are rather harmless for our happiness (i.e. “things aren’t what they used to be”), others influence heavily (and often wrongly) our choices in life.

In the last week of this topic we will talk about the most popular cliché, the one that summarizes and brings together all the others: “it’s like that, what can I do?”

As I said last week, I believe the world is an infinte source of opportunities, and I believe that because I see it in my daily life.
I’m sure many won’t agree with me: some people think we live in a time of crisis so there’s not enough for everyone; some other think it’s better to stick with the devil they know; many think dreams are dreams and they have nothing to do with reality.
This shows us reality is not the same for everyone, we see it in very different ways.

This reasoning, with which I agree, is completely opposite to today’s cliche: if I see opportunities everywhere, and someone else doesn’t, this means that both beliefs are true, so the world is not “like this” but it is “like I see it”.

As Fred Kofman, accounting professor at MIT, always says: “we don’t talk about what we see; we see what we can talk about”. If we try to talk differently, our vision of the world will surely change.