Clichè have become an important part of our lives and condition the way we live; while some of them are rather harmless for our happiness (i.e. “things aren’t what they used to be”), others influence heavily (and often wrongly) our choices in life.

This week’s topic comes from a motto that means: when something bad happens, other bad things will happen. Or, to view it another way, those who have a lot will have a lot more, those who have a few will have always less.

If you look at our society, it is very likely things will go this way: for example, the rich man will have a wide range of chances and opportunities; the poor man has to survive with what he has.

This doesn’t mean it is ok to give up or to live our lives with such prejudices or, even worse, to grow our children according to this philosophy. The world is full of example of people who made their dreams come true with almost nothing in their pokets; the world is full of infinite possibilities and it is up to us to take them.

Don’t blame external factors for our giving up; we are the conductors and it is up to us to play a funeral march or an ode to joy.