Clichè have become an important part of our lives and condition the way we live; while some of them are rather harmless for our happiness (i.e. “things aren’t what they used to be”), others influence heavily (and often wrongly) our choices in life.

This week we will talk about how often we feel misunderstood.

How often did you say or hear sentences like “he/she doesn’t understand me”, “you have no idea what it felt like”, “none understands how I feel” ?
Sometimes it happened to me to feel misunderstood and it was really awful to feel like none could ever understand what I was going through. Then, if someone told me they were going through a hard time, I found myself thinking or even saying “if you think your life is a mess, you should walk in my shoes!”

It took years to me to understand what I was doing: people – at least the ones who love me the most – understood me and tried to help me; it was me that pretended to be closed in a high tower without doors or windows, because that was what I wanted.

Getting in touch with the truth was the thing that helped me the most: I asked myself if it was true that none could understand me and accepted the truth; I asked myself why did I behave like that and accepted the truth; I tried to change my attitude – listening to people, accepting to show my vulnerability and stepping down from the “poor-me-throne”.

Believe me: since then, my reality has radically changed. It’s really worth trying.