Clichè have become an important part of our lives and condition the way we live; while some of them are rather harmless for our happiness (i.e. “things aren’t what they used to be”), others influence heavily (and often wrongly) our choices in life.

This week I will start with a question: how many times in your life did you make a bad impression?
 My personal answer would be… many.

Sometimes we make a bad impression almost unknowingly: when we ask to a friend if she’s pregnant and discover she’s just slightly overweight, when we meet someone we haven’t seen for years, ask her how her marriage is going and discover she divorced, when we scream in public and everyone looks at us…

Sometimes, however, the need to make a good impression pushes us beyond, preventing us from doing the things we’d love to: ask a question to understand better, ask someone out on a date, propose ourselves for a job, etc.

The concept of “making a bad impression” is something that has to do with us more than with others – we are the most severe judges of ourselves – and concerns the will of appearing as we think society would like us to: self-assured, brilliant, successful.

I don’t want to disappoint you, but I have news for you: 1) others are less concerned than we think about us being brilliant, self-assured and successful. 2) we are all the same, we all have successful and unsuccessful moments.

The sooner we realize these truths, the sooner we will get rid of all these negative beliefs: their only outcome is to hinder that brilliant and successful attitude we could show to the world if we only let ourselves be vulnerable sometimes.