Every here and then we hear about very old people not only alive but still active and aware!

Babamail website has published a post on 10 among them (most of them recently passed away) to understand what could be the secret to longevity.

Curious enough, some of these more-than-a-century-old people affirmed that they don’t consider themselves “special” people, so they couldn’t state exactly what such secret could be. However, I found out in these interviews what the main causes for longevity could be.

3. In the third place there are a healthy diet, physical exercise, good night’s sleep and faith in God: these are for sure things that help us live better, but contrary to what we could expect, they are not considered the main or most common reason to live a long and healthy life.

2. In the second place we find the absence of alcohol in the diet and hobbies: a third of the interviewees stated they they have never ever drunk any alcohol. Moreover, three among them affirm that practicing a hobby (fishing, dancing, bowling) helped them to enjoy life even more. When they say “do something you like and you’ll feel better” this is the proof that it is true!

1. At the top of this list we find a positive attitude towards life, the future and people: 5 interviewees stated that they have always had a positive attitude towards life and the future and that they have always lived by the saying “Treat others as you would have them treat you”.

I don’t know if age brings widsom, but if we are here to grow and learn every day, we would better think about the message of most of the people on this list: being kind towards our life and others helps us feeling better and live a fulfilled and happy life – for a long, long time.