Clichè have become an important part of our lives and condition the way we live; while some of them are rather harmless for our happiness (i.e. “things aren’t what they used to be”), others influence heavily (and often wrongly) our choices in life.

This week we will talk about all the times when we stopped doing something or didn’t do anything at all because we felt we were not enough (and we can add whatever adjective come to our mind).

This kind of reaction is very common and can have many different causes: we did a mistake and think we cannot get over it; we are conditioned by cliché (i.e. “I won’t find a job”); we feel fear about what is going to happen next.

When you feel you are not enough, it’s worth to think about a time in your life when you have been enough, and if you think it through, I can assure you, you’ll find it: if you think you’re not brave enough, you should recall one moment in your life when you have been courageous; if you think you’re not smart enough, you should think about that time when you brilliantly overcame an obstacle; etc.
Recalling that moments will help you understand that you already have all the courage, intelligence, beauty, wisdom you need: you just have to own it again and let it come out.