This week we will talk about our behavior and our judgement towards ourselves and others.
As the saying goes: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”, but oftentimes the problem is not this, the problem is that we are understanding and forgiving towards others but not towards ourselves.

For example, if a friend fails or makes a mistake, do you insult him/her? Do you tell them they are good for nothing? And if the same happens to you, what do you think about yourselves, how do you judge yourselves?
Another example for those who have kids: if they say they cannot do something, meaning they are not able to, do you tell them they are stupid or do you push them to try again, maybe trying to help them? And if you are not able to do something, what do you think about yourselves?

We tend to judge ourselves too heavily, and all too often we don’t believe in what other people say – that we are able to, we just need to try a little bit more, that we can do it and so on.

Of course, I’m not saying that a huge failure, with huge debts, or mistake made because of addictions for example have to be taken lightly; what I’m saying is that we are often too punitive towards ourselves and in this way we miss the chance to 1) learn a lesson 2) see the opportunity laying behind the failure.

So, to grow as human beings, it’s worth to try the opposite you often do: do to ourselves as we would do unto others.