This week we will talk about anger: what do we do and how do we react when someone’s making us mad?

Whether you had an argument with a friend, a collegue or someone in your family, when you get angry you tend to sulk for hours, and this ruins our day. Have you ever noticed that when you are angry, you tend to isolate yourself, to ruminate, to be negative? And you don’t want to do anything to change your mood; you just wait for apologies and until then your mood keeps being negative for hours or days.

I’m not interested in who’s right or wrong: what I want to tell you is that being in a good mood can bring forth far better solutions than being in bad mood.

What I’m gonna do today is I’m going to give you 3 advices; try and you will see that 1) you will feel better 2) you’ll see things from a different perspective 3) you will probably find a more efficient solution.

1) LAUGH: it is important to nip in the bud the bad mood, so before you start ruminating do something funny: watch a funny video, read or listen to a joke, talk to someone who you know will be able to change your mood… everything will be ok as long as it makes you laugh.
2) it would be ok to stop here, but if you want to analyse what happened, ask yourself: What could I do differently? What can I do to solve the situation? When and where can I talk to the person I’m angry with? If, when you think about it, you notice you start ruminating, go back to advice nr 1 – laugh, until good mood comes back.
3) Make an appointment with that person, possibily a couple of days after you quarreled, just to give you both the time to think the situation through. As you meet, laugh or do something funny together, even before talking about the situation.

So, if someone’s making you mad, it’s worth to try the opposite you often do: laugh, don’t ruminate, and you will see things differently and will be able to find a better solution.