This week we talk about having fun and about how important it is to do something for ourselves to feel energetic and rested. This is a topic that I explain also in my mindfulness courses and people are surprised when they hear this reasoning: if you feel tired, resting is not always the solution.

Has it ever happened to you to make an appointment with friends and, that day, you feel so tired and stress because of work? What you are tempted to do (and more often than not, you do) is call your friends and tell them “I’m so tired, I think I’ll stay home and rest this time”.

One of the main consequences of stress is tiredness; when we feel under stress, we feel tired, always, even if we slept enough or we just woke up.
This kind of tiredness lets us think we need to rest more, so it is natural we think that if we stay home, we will eventually rest.
Oftentimes, it doesn’t work like that, and I invite you to try: if you go out with friends, even if you feel tired, and you have fun, you will feel more energy and less tiredness.
This happens because giving space and time to the things we love doing works better than giving up and try to rest more.

So, to overcome stress-related tiredness, it’s worth to try the opposite you often do: have fun, do something that makes you happy, discover how energy comes from joy.