As promised, today we are starting with a new series of posts called: VICEVERSA.

Every week we will talk about a different topic, but they all will have the same thing in common: what we often do is exactly the opposite we should do to get there, to feel happy, to be fulfilled.

Almost all of us are convinced that to reach our goals we have to run: we have to do, to push things, to make them happen come what may, to take fast decisions… we strive to get there and oftentimes we fail or we don’t reach our goals.

Sometimes I play bowling, and I have a friend who always wins. Do you know how this happens? She doesn’t throw the ball too hard, honestly speaking the ball goes rather slow, but she’s a really excellent shot, so she gets a strike every single time!

It’s the same with our goals: it’s worth to slow down sometimes, or even stop. Being excessively worried about them, feeling fear of not reaching them, giving up because obstacles stopped us along the way… all this pushes us to go faster, but we lose clarity.

If you learn to stop along the way, I guarantee you the results will be far better: stop to evaluate your goals, to think about where you are, what you already did and what you still have to do; stop to think about the obstacles, accept them and learn how to overcome them…

In my Mindfulness courses, the things participants are more happy about is learning to stop, because stopping brings clarity and improves the range of options at disposal.

So, to reach your goals, it’s worth to try the opposite you often do: stop for a moment.