Today is the first day of february and while I was writing this post, I stopped and asked myself: how long have I published these friday posts?

Sometimes it is ready on monday, sometimes I write it last minute, because every week something new happens, I learn some lessons and I share experiences that are worth sharing.

Those of you who read my posts know me enough to understand that I need to move on, to evolve constantly. That’s why the first, spontaneous answer to the question “how long have you published these friday posts?” has been “Too long”.

Please, don’t misunderstand me: I love to share what I learn and I hope that someone can enjoy these lessons, but sometimes we have to move on, to find other ways to share.

This is the reason why today’s post will be the last of the “this week I learned…” series, at least for a while: next week, I will start a new series called “VICEVERSA” – I don’t want to reveal in advance what it will be about but they will be thought-provoking posts that even the most skeptical among you will appreciate.

The lesson I learned this week is clear: stop and go beyond our comfort zone can be challenging but it is very, very inspiring.