Yesterday night I started a new Mindfulness course, and during the first session we do a practice that is essential to learn to listen to our body and our breath.

The first time you do this practice, it is an authentic revelation: yesterday night, someone told me they felt sensations they never felt before and that they thought they would have been distracted by thoughts more than actually happened.

I had the same sensations the first time I practiced Mindfulness, but I still have them, because sometimes thoughts and worries push us to ruminate over and over, and find peace and calm it’s not always that easy. Anyway, with the due commitment, we can get there, and this is important also because we get the sensation of being in control of our emotions (which is not a foregone conclusion).

Yesterday night’s sensation, as well as the sensation I feel when I eventually find peace and calm, of having the power to manage ourselves is crucial: it gives us faith and confidence and it puts us on the right way towards being able to manage our feelings and regain the power over ourselves (which we often don’t think we have).

As one of my students once told me: “I understood that the sentence “I can’t help it” was an excuse that I’ve always used because I didn’t want to commit to doing something for myself.”