Yesterday night I was in my car with my sister and we were talking about resilience – each one with her own experiences and life examples.

I told her I admire resilient people because they don’t give up until they reach their goal, no matter what; she answered “it depends” (referred especially to personal relationship) because, in her opinion, being verbally abused or hurt and trying to find a way to get along together anyway is blind stubbornness, not resilience.

I thought about this conversation until today to find out who was right, me or her; and I eventually understood that the answer is “both”.

There cannot be a single yardstick: we all have different degrees of sensitivity, different personalities, beliefs and standards and they all range between black and white throughout thousands of shades of grey. Who can tell if a shade is better than another or worse than black or white?

This is one of the reasons why I profoundly love my work: every day I discover a different meaning for a single thing and being able to help people to give their own meaning to their own life is one of the most exciting things – in my opinion, of course.