Some years ago I subscribed to an online service that sends you every day a mail “from the Universe”: it’s as if the Universe (or God or whatever you believe in) sent me a message every day.

To subscribe to this service, you have to declare your goals: at that time, my goals were “write a book” and “have a fulfilling love relationship”. I was swimming in deep, dark waters in that moment of my life, and this was true both from professional and personal point of view.

I started receiving and reading these mail and they helped me a lot (if you want to subscribe, just type and search for “notes from the universe”), so I kept reading them every day for years. In this last year I honestly skipped them oftentimes, but yesterday I opened it: both my goals were cited, and I realized I already reached them!

Writing my first book was mainly a matter of scheduling my free time, but for my relationship the path was completely different: I stated my intention of healing my relationship and then I “let go” – and I’m sorry but I cannot find more suitable words than these to describe what I did. It was like ordering pizza: I wanted it, I decided the ingredients, I ordered it and then I didn’t think about it anymore; of course, I went through a path of personal growth in the meanwhile, but I didn’t think about this goals every single moment of my life, it was as if I didn’t have any doubt about it and I eventually forgot about it. It’s like when you hear someone talking about a couple who tries to have children: don’t they often say sentences like “they tried and tried with no results, and when they eventually relaxed, she got pregnant” ?

Anxiety and fear of not being able to reach our goals are the main obstacles on the path – while faith and patience are the main ingredients to reach the finishing line.