While I was searching for interesting news in the web, I found one with an astonishing title: “For 2019, anxiety and fear: almost half of Italians starts with low battery”.

I know I always have to doubt such sentences without right of appeal, but I went on reading anyway. I discovered that an association called EURODAP – European Association for panic attack desease – found out through a survey that many Italians started 2019 with low energy and with fears about the future.

I will leave behind my personal opinion on such news and surveys; anyway, complaining is almost a national sport in Italy and from complaining to actually being afraid, it is but a short step.

Will we do something for ourselves, then? If we cannot change the fate of millions of people, can we do it at least for us?
Let’s commit to do something, even if it seems a small thing: go for a walk, practice sports, go out with friends, devote one hour in a week to ourselves, subscribe to a course we are interested in…

Try and see: when the wheel starts spinning, it is almost impossible to stop it!