In a time where adults complain about how much time our kids and teenagers spend on PCs, videogames, social networks, etc., we all should be grateful about something that wouldn’t be possible without the web: sharing.

We share everything on the web: how we feel, where we are, what we are doing… but we also share out things and our passions, to such an extent that new organizations have made sharing their true mission.

Sharing things we don’t use anymore, sharing our car with other people, sharing apartments and offices are the best examples that can be found on the web: they allow us to respect the planet, give new value to things and create new relationships based on common passions – and all this wouldn’t have been real without the web.

This week a friend of mine told me “politicians want ignorant people who stay at home, that’s the reason why they push for social-network-relationships instead of real-world-ones.” My spontaneous answer has been: “Maybe you’re right. But it’s up to us to use the web in favor of our wellbeing, of humanity and the planet – and true, positive sharing is one of the most amazing examples we have.”