In these days I’m teaching various mindfulness classes for kids at school; one of these groups is really tough, and I already changed my contents for them twice, with poor results.

Last week, this group’s main teacher told me she is rather doubtful about my method’s effectiveness for them; at that point, I felt an all-too-familiar sensation of failure (for those of you who know my story, failure was the giant monster I had to fight against for years) and it was like if someone told me “give in, you cannot do it, no way”.

As I got back home, I decided I had to stop and meditate for a while: it was the most awesome meditation of my entire life. I felt like someone was cradling me and telling me “if you cannot overcome the obstacle, go around it”. As I opened my eyes, I had a new idea and I’m developing it to be able to go around the obstacle.

I don’t know if this will be the key to success or not; I don’t know if I will have to change the contents again or not; what I know is that I want to do the best I can for these kids, and with this goal in mind, I won’t give in only because I found obstacles on the way.

I thank the kids because their persistence taught me to be persistent; I thank the adults because their doubts pushed me to do more and better.