It happens often, when we start a new business, that we avoid talking about it in public, for many reasons: we think we will look like a braggart, or we are not confident about our skills, or we think others are not interested, etc.

What I learned a long ago is that talking with people helps us find unexpected ways, suggestions and contacts – and this week it happened to me almost every day!

When I started creating a project for schools, I decided I would have talked with anybody who could be interested, and I got awesome feedback from different points of view: I created interest in the project, I got suggestions from people with huge know-how, I reached people that can cooperate with me.

And then I took another step forward: I started talking to people who could seem far from being interested in it, and a miracle happened: I received a lot of support, I considered different points of view (and this helped me figuring out some crucial aspects I hadn’t taken into consideration until then). As a consequence, my project is becoming more complete and I trust my skills even more than before.

What I want to tell you is: don’t be frightened, talk to anybody about your business, your passion, your projects, your dreams: this will help you and your project a lot more than staying silent – in terms of self-confidence, skills and social networking.