I will always remember the first time I came across this concept: I was a 7th grader and our literature teacher suggested us to read the book “Story of Sebastiano the rooster” by Ada Gobetti. It’s a book about a maverick rooster who goes around the world searching for a different truth, asking many questions and doubting everything that we all take for granted.
I have to be honest: after some time from this exciting reading (at that time, I wanted to be his sister), I got lost. In High School and University I forgot about Sebastiano, I took many things for granted, but my true nature didn’t wait too long to come out again.
A thousand times I asked myself what was going on with me: how couldn’t I find a job or a career that really engaged me? What was wrong with me?
Only after many many years, I understood that there’s nothing wrong with me (and this relates also to the TEDTALK I shared yesterday on this fb page); but still, when I follow my gurus, I ask myself many questions about their assumptions, and sometimes, when I do, I have the feeling of being wrong.
It is hard to be conscious about this self judgement, but believe me, it’s just that. It’s not about asking yourself “am I right or am I wrong?”, but instead “is it right for me?” and this is a huge difference.
Let’s make an example: many coaches in the world tell you to find your niche, to focus on a specific audience. I tried to, and I felt very bad when I realized I couldn’t, I really didn’t want to give up on other audiences that engaged me as well. Now I know that my work won’t be focused only on a single audience. And how could this be wrong?
It is fair to distinguish between having doubts (or asking questions) and being awfully bold. What I learned is that the main road is not right for everyone, and if we prefer to take secondary roads, it is ok to stop, think, be conscious and try and see where they take us. Sebastiano the rooster eventually came back home safe and sound, more conscious and aware of himself, so… be faithful and follow your intuition.