Have you ever surfed the web in search of something specific and ended up looking for something completely different? Or have you ever taken your phone to text someone and ended up answering to other messages and forgetting to text that person?

It is easy to blame the frantic world we live in, but this is just an excuse. The above mentioned examples are rather insignificant and don’t bear extremely negative consequences, but there are also important things from which we get distracted, and this leads to lose the path we were walking on.

This week I had a meeting with some people I work with and they were worried by some not-so-positive judgements about our initiatives. Some years ago, I would have burst into tears or get angry (or both!!!!), but now I take my time to think about it before deciding what to do.

What I understood about this situation is that these judgements were the distraction that would have caused us to lose sight of our goal, of our “why” and “for whom” we do what we do. In other words, what is our goal? That everybody expresses positive feedback on us and our work or that we do our best to help people, with our best skills and know-how, our deepest love and unstoppable commitment? (this of course doesn’t mean we don’t have to listen to negative feedbacks, it is just that we have to learn from them, not be stopped by them).

Now I decided I will take at least 5 minutes a week to review my goal and share it with the people I work with: we already know it, but “re-calibrating” helps us stay the right course.