Yesterday night I was reading a book and suddenly a sentence captured my full attention: “Professor Angela Duckworth, from the University of Pennsylvania … examined the ingredients for success in students, and the key to success turns out to be failure. Or more accurately, the ability to cope with it by utilizing grit.”
The book talked about failure, but for everyday mistakes is the same; and they used the word grit, but I think resilience and resolve could be valid synonyms.

This was the third sentence I read yesterday, but I stopped reading and started to think. First of all, I thought about my experience: how bad did I felt when I failed and when I made mistakes? Awfully bad, and the more I cared about that thing, the worst I felt. This is the crucial point: what does give us the grit to overcome this feelings and not being overwhelmed by them, to dry our tears and go on, to get back on track and try again?

The answer for me is: motivation. If I pretend my family is in danger, I would try to help them to my last breath. We all know about superstars with humble origins who did everything they could to redeem themselves.

But, many of us are not in danger or have not humble origins, so we need to rely on ourselves to find the right motivation. This is not always easy, because our fears and our comfort zone are always ready to sabotage us. And when our motivation isn’t strong enough, we need help from someone who can push us in the direction of grit and resilience.

At the end of this long thought, I found myself with a big smile on my face and a fire burning in my heart, and I understood even more and even better why I am a Life Coach.