This week happened something unexpected. What has happened to me, happens to many people, very often: people tell you the same thing over and over (example: to reach your goals, believe in yourself), but there’s a moment, one precise moment, when you totally get it, no matter if it is the first or the millionth time you hear it.

This is what happened to me: this week I went out of my comfort zone. In other aspects of my life, it was easier, here it took me some more time, but eventually I decided it was time to do something really embarrassing and uncomfy for me.

As I always say, when you do that you feel better because you free yourself from the fear of not being good enough, or being criticized, or fail, etc.
But the true discovery, in this case, was that getting out of my comfort zone (or my fears) didn’t require courage: it was enough to be determined. When I took this huge leap into the unknown, some days ago, I wasn’t courageous, I was fearful. But I was determined and I did that anyway.

The difference lays in the fact that I would have accepted any result: success as well as failure, criticism as well as praise. I was determined even though I was fearful. I still don’t know if what I did will bring good or bad results, but I am incredibly happy I did it.