My son plays soccer; while I wait to pick him up after the training, I frequently make small talk with other parents, but as our children show up, we normally walk away in a hurry, to prepare dinner, to get ready for the day after, etc.
One evening this week things went different. I started talking with a parent about “meaning”: every word has a specific meaning, you can understand a lot by the words each of us uses, playing has a huge meaning and children should play even when they are grown up… it was an awesome conversation that allowed me to know this person from a completely different point of view, to appreciate his qualities, to understand him better. Moreover, this conversation nurtured my spirit – I went home later, but happier.
Oftentimes we hurry up to do things we can delay with no extreme consequences and we lose the chance to live precious moments like this, that help us open our minds, grow, and appreciate others.
What a pity…