In my personal as well as professional life, I frequently observe how we show more leniency to other people than to ourselves.
Some examples: if someone you know makes a mistake, you are ready to understand him; if he fails to do something, you try to offer a different point of view to comfort him; if he cannot face a difficult situation, you tell him you would be honored to help. After all, that’s what friends are for.
But, of course, the same doesn’t apply to you: if you make a mistake, or fail, or are in a difficult situation, you deserve to burn at the stake with the worst tortures and slanders from the people you know, and also from the ones you don’t know.
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Why is leniency for others and punishment for you?
This is a nonsense, perverse mechanism; nervertheless, if I think about the darkest moments in my life, I can see clearly how I punished myself. This is the reason I decided to dedicate a huge part of my studies to it and the answer has to do with just one emotion/feeling: FEAR.
You are frightened of looking weak and flawed, of showing your defects and uncertainties, as if asking for help was like swearing.
What should children say? They need others’ help for everything during their first years! What happened in our lives that transformed asking for help from a fact of life to an unpronounceable anathema?
I have 2 suggestions for you when you feel in the “self-punishment” mode:
1) think of a friend asking you for help or confiding you his weaknesses, what would you do?
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