We are almost at the end of our work, I’m sure you can already see the outline of your powerful foundations. We talked about challenging topics (like what you want to be and do) and I gave you some useful tools with which you can work, even though you will soon have to stop because you still lack some other tools, one of which is the sixth one: CONTRIBUTE.
Contribution has a lot of meanings and consequences: you can contribute by voluteering, or giving money or things to whom is in need, or trying to become the best person you can be in this world.
Some of us don’t have the time and the will to dedicate to volunteering, some are just not patient or prone enough to do it. Donate money is something you feel within, and if you have just one doubt that the money won’t go to the people in need, this will be enough to prevent your donation.
Everyone of us can help a neighbor taking his kids to school, or can buy a cake at a charity event where they collect money for the local school: this is contributing, too.
Contribution has also a more intimate meaning, regarding what you are and/or want to be in the world: when you understand others instead of judging them, when you know what you want and are coherent with your goals and dreams, when you succeed in being resilient, you contribute with your own behavior by being a role model, a positive example for people around you. In other words, you contribute to your own fulfillment, to your own well being and to the one of others.
And the consequences of contribution go well beyond what you can imagine: there will be people who will show gratitude; you will feel a sensation deep inside that only contributing can give; and, last but not least, what you give, you receive, so your good actions and behavior will come back to you multiplied.
You can download here a PDF file that will make you think about how you contribute, how you could further do it and what is the importance you give to contribution (to yourself and others).
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The next post will be the last of our series: a very important tool is awaiting you, this will be the last effort to get to a full toolbox and to complete the construction of your foundations. See you in a couple of days and remember to always shine like the sun!