I told you last time that you would have enjoyed this tool! And I bet you think it is quite easy to put into practice…
Theoretically, you are right, I almost hear you saying “what does it take to have fun?”
My concept of having fun goes beyond having a beer with friends or spending the week end out with the family. Notice how many times during the day you catch yourself with a pouty face, huffing and puffing, blowing up, complaining… and how many times you feel relaxed, you smile and go to bed saying “what a wonderful day I had!”.
I bet you puff more than you smile.
For me, having fun means being happy (or trying to) in every moment, it means remembering what does feel good, and it means also getting rid of unnecessary things and emotions that make you feel anxious, nervous and negative. Some examples? If your job does not satisfy you, you will always puff but my suggestion is not resigning overnight! You could search for another job, and the search alone will make you feel better. At night, when you come home from work, try for some days not to watch TV news or violent movies: instead, watch a comedy or, even better, switch it off and play with your family.
I could give you many other examples. What I want to pass on to you is that having fun means also enjoying every moment of your life, search for these moments, create them, as even a quick smile to a stranger can change your day for the better. And I’m not a hippy, so I’m not saying you have to force a smile or you don’t have to be angry when it is necessary that you express your feelings! I am simply suggesting that you be aware of all the moment you could have fun but you do not.
Remember to smile spontaneously to people, to listen to your favorite songs at the radio, to sing aloud with no shame and of course to go out and have fun with friends and family!
Click here to download today’s PDF file – I’m asking you, every night, to think about today: were there funny moments? Were there moments where you could have fun, be kind, laugh or smile but you didn’t? Were there situations where you could have taken things easier than you did?
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We still have to add some tools to your toolbox: by the end of this week, you will have all that you need to build strong foundations! See you in a couple of days and remember to always shine like the sun!