Some days ago, you started working on the foundations of a really happy and fulfilling life: you asked yourself questions to understand what aspects of your life do or don’t satisfy you, you looked inside yourself to see what you really want to be and do in your life… in other words, you created the right space to build your strongest foundations ever.
The second tool is consistent with the answers you gave to yourself: BE ALIGNED WITH YOUR BEST SELF.
I know it seems a simple concept but coherence is not that common in these days.
How many people did you hear complaining about something without doing anything to change the situation? And I’m not talking about big changes but everyday life events. How often do people settle for a partner that is clearly below their own standard? How many times did you put a “but” after a “I would like”?
Be in alignment with yourself means having clear in mind the answers to the question “what do I want to be and do?” and don’t settle for anything less than your desired end goal.
Of course, I’m not saying that if you want a truly fulfilling love relationship, you have to find a flawless partner! You can have a fulfilling relationship with a person whose defects do not affect your definition of happiness. Do you want to travel the world with your partner? You cannot be happy with someone who doesn’t like to travel but you can be happy with a traveller even if he is not good at planning holidays. Do you want to find a job that gives you plenty of time to spend with your family? If you accept a job full time, 6 days a week, you cannot say you are coherent with your wishes…
These 2 tools are meant to bring a deeper focus on yourself, you will have to look closely at yourself and speak with your inner self: only if you truly know your wishes, you can be aligned with them. Only if you are aligned with them, you can be happy and fulfilled.
Like I did last time, I created a PDF file that you can download here: it will allow you to think about what “being aligned” means to you and what are the steps you must take to be in alignment with all that you want to be and do in your life.
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I wait for you in a couple of days with the third tool and in the meanwhile remember to always shine like the sun!