How many time did you want to do something important for your life but you waited and procrastinated so much that you lost the momentum and the occasion to do it?
You wait for the perfect moment: you have to be perfectly trained, things and situations around you have to be in a specific way, your look has to be flawless, your skills have to be equal to your role models who have decades of expertise…
Well, I’m sorry if I disappoint you but I have to tell you that:
1) the perfect moment doesn’t exist
2) you know it, so these are just excuses
I don’t want to let you down, I indeed want you to do it. Now.
I have waited that perfect moment for decades; and when I was able to perform my abilities, there was always something I could do better, and when I did it better, that tiny, imperfect detail made me give up. It’s fear, always fear that stop us.
I don’t know what happened, and when. Maybe I have to thank the many occasions when I made a bad impression (and I’m still here!!!), or maybe I have to be grateful to my coaches who repeated the same mantra over and over “GO DO IT!” “GO DO IT!” “GO DO IT!”
So I started doing things even if they were not perfect; I started to understand where I could do better, but this didn’t stop me from doing things anyway. And … guess what? After a long apprenticeship in which I understood that there’s a boundary between the excitement of being perfect and the negative side effects of it, I finally got it. I learned that I want to improve myself but I have to act even if I’m not on top of it: that level will come after making mistakes, learning from them, making other mistakes (but fewer), learning and improving (always more) and so on.
And I have to tell you that getting rid of perfection at all costs is like freeing your shoulders from a ton of concrete.