When a totally undesirable, negative event happens, the reaction is always the same: you get angry, curse maybe, and this thing messes up the following hours and days. Now this event has your complete attention, you review it over and over in your head and ask yourself “why did it happen to me?”; you blame the bad luck, you think you are an unlucky person and then another big or small negative occurrence takes place, and you become even more dark and angry.
Has this ever happened to you?
To me yes, sometimes, in the past.
And it’s true, after the first there come other negative events, and you convince yourself you have bad luck or at least a bad period.
I’ll tell you what I discovered: bad luck lives only in our minds.
Of course, I don’t mean the first negative event never happened, and that after that nothing negative has ever happened. But the way you react makes the difference.
It is acceptable to get angry at the beginning: you wouldn’t be human, after all!
It is utmost important that you ask yourself “why did it happen to me?”
But after this point, it is all because of you.
All events come for the good, probably the positive aspect will be clear in days, months or years but if you have the patience and faith to wait for it, it will reveal to you in all its mighty and magnificence.
And the following big or small events depend only on your focus on bad luck, on your angry behavior, on the fact that you allow the first event to ruin your day or your life.
Some days ago I received a shocking, unwanted e-mail that completely knocked me out: I started feeling my heart beating faster, I felt hurt and sad and these feelings lasted for hours. At some point, though, I realized these feelings were going out of my control and forced myself to think that, even if I cannot see it now, there must be a good reason why I received this bad news, there is something I should learn from that and I started to have faith in the fact that sooner or later I will understand it. Not only do I live this situation with more detachment now, but my attitude is more faithful and finding a solution is easier for me now that I don’t have these black clouds over my head anymore.